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Skin Activator

Skin Activator

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A hyper-potent serum that floods skin with 12 actives to soften fine lines, boost firmness and deeply hydrate. 

12 key ingredients plus smart, skin-identical science that’s made for all skin types. This all-in-1 serum works in 3 ways for happier skin with every dose.

-Restores: Strengthens moisture barrier, skin feels hydrated, bouncy, calm
-Corrects: Lines look softer, skin looks lifted, feels firmer, pores appear smaller
-Protects: Antioxidants help prevent future damage

Developed in partnership with Korea’s leading skin scientist and powered by a multi-lamellar delivery system, this formula deposits the right actives—at the right levels—without disrupting skin.
Wear it alone to boost skin quality or as the ultimate makeup prep. Your best skin activated – with or without makeup.

Hyaluronic Acid (4 Types) - Plumps, Firms, Hydrates
Peptides - Smooths Lines, Firms, Restores
Noni Fruit – Supports Natural Collagen and Elastin, Smooths Lines;
Niacinamide – Evens tone, targets pores and discoloration
EGCG – Broad Spectrum Antioxidant, Neutralizes Free Radicals
Cactus Prickly Pear Extract – Soothes and calms, short and long-term.

In combination with Vital Skincare Complexion Drops, Skin Activator creates an extraordinarily fresh and radiant complexion—without looking makeup-y. Makeup adheres better and melds with the complexion for the ultimate effortless skin look with zero pilling.
“Everything starts with the quality of the skin—including your makeup.”

Skin Activator creates an extraordinarily fresh and radiant complexion. I apply it in the morning before makeup as a luxurious hydrating and calming prep. Before bed, I layer it onto clean skin again. When I wake up, my skin feels so juicy and harmonious and refined.

How to use:  Start by tilting the bottle to 90 degrees and pressing 3-4 pumps of serum into your hands.

Gucci's tip: I love to massage my face as I apply for a little circulation boost. I press any excess serum onto my neck and the backs of my hands.

If I need extra hydration, I follow with a favorite moisturizer or face oil.

Once my skin is prepped, I reach for Vital Skincare Complexion Drops to even tone and boost glow. Then, I conceal using Vital Skin Foundation Stick and continue with blush, highlight, or powder.

Bonus tip! If I need to perk up skin during the day or after a long flight, I’ll pat onto skin. It makes everything look fresh again!

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