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Tammy Fender

Restorative Radiance Mask

Restorative Radiance Mask

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A lavish bisque pink face mask infused with exotic nutritive extracts of Lotus and Baobab and precious floral waters of Jasmine and Rose.

Whether the mask is worn for 10 minutes or overnight, the skin drinks in the benefits of these revered plant remedies.

4 oz

  • On the night before a flight, prep the skin by pampering the complexion with a thick layer of Restorative Radiance Masque. 
  • Wear Restorative Radiance Masque overnight to allow all the botanical benefits to absorb more fully. In the evening, apply a spritz of Bulgarian Rose Water to cleansed skin. Next, massage on a thin layer of RestorativeRadianceMasque, working in a circular motion to activate micro-circulation beneath the surface. Get a good night's sleep, allowing the masque to absorb. In the morning, re-activate the masque with a spritz of Bulgarian Rose Water, performing a gentle massage to loosen the formulation before fully removing it with a warm cloth.
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