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Clean Slate Micellar Cleansing Cloths

Clean Slate Micellar Cleansing Cloths

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It's time to start fresh!

Wipe the day away with these plant-based, biodegradable wipes. Think of these as your good-for-everything cleansing cloths—capable of wiping off a stray bit of makeup, cleaning a muddy paw, or refreshing skin after a sweaty run.

Made from biodegradable fiber, with coconut, glycerin, and oat bran to cleanse and hydrate skin, these micellar wipes will be a go-to for any kind of mess. Safe for kids, pets, and even the most sensitive skin—simply stash them in your car or bag to easily freshen up on the go. Remove dirt and grease with a single swipe, while leaving skin cleansed and hydrated. 

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