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Love & Fear Coin Necklace

Love & Fear Coin Necklace

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This necklace features our double-sided enamel Love & Fear Coin Charm on our 22" Gold-Filled Heirloom Chain. 

There are few things we can control in life:

1) How we prepare for circumstances and

2) How we react to them. 

This coin is a reminder that we can choose to approach whatever life throws at us with either fear (Latin: ‘metus’) or love (Latin: ‘amor’). Embrace the present with acceptance, or reject it out of fear. 

This duality – however simple – is an incredibly difficult concept to grasp in our busy, often uncertain times. We hope the coin symbolizes the freeing choice: that we can live life with an abundance mentality or lack mentality. 

Note: The Love & Fear Coin can be worn with the blue enamel Amor side or with the white enamel Metus facing forward. 


Gold-Filled chain. Made in the U.S.A. 

Hart proudly plates her charms with a 14K gold finish that is more than double the thickness of industry standard. This luxe finish means that your necklace will be slower to tarnish over time. You can further protect the plating by keeping it away from water, chemicals and perfume. Store in a pouch when not wearing it.

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