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Satin Sleep Scrunchies (5-pack)

Satin Sleep Scrunchies (5-pack)

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Satin Sleep Scrunchies are your newest nighttime necessity. Preserve a blowout or your favorite style using a gentle, frictionless ponytail while you sleep. Ultra soft on your hair, try the ''pineappling'' technique to get more days out of your style. 100% Satin Charmeuse creates friction-free hold and eliminates frizz. Wake up with smooth, soft hair. No more ''rats nests'' or major tangles when you wake. Simply slip the Kitsch Satin Sleep Scrunchie out of your hair and GO!

Key Features:

  • Glides through hair without pulling or abrasion or agitation
  • Prevents breakage and cares for your hair
  • Helps to prevent mid-shaft breakage and split ends caused by other types of hair elastics
  • Creaseless alternative to traditional elastics
  • Gentle on hair-prevents breakage while you sleep
  • Comfortable to sleep on and will not cause pressure points or discomfort while you dream
  • Cute for daytime too! Can be worn day or night. Satiny, shiny design is adorable paired with any outfit
  • Kitsch Satin Sleep Scrunchies are ideal for all hair types
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