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The Beauty Chef Glow Packets
The Beauty Chef Glow Packets

The Beauty Chef Glow Packets

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The Beauty Chef
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Why you might need this:  5 single serve sachets of Glow powder

Beauty that begins in the gut: Glow Advanced contains twenty-four carefully selected skin-loving ingredients—vitamins, minerals, pre- and probiotics, and next-level biofermented superfoods like maqui berry and queen garnet plum.

Rich in vitamins and minerals - a bio-fermented blend of easily absorbed Certified Organic superfoods, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, antioxidants and phytonutrients.

Supports gut health - exclusive Flora Culture™ fermentation process creates a live, broad spectrum probiotic to support digestive health, immune health and skin radiance*.

Promotes healthy skin - rich in antioxidants to reduce internal and external inflammation and help calm skin redness, irritation and sensitivity*.

Boosts collagen - contains vitamin C to naturally boost collagen synthesis, resulting in smoother skin*.

Feeds your microbiome - rich in prebiotics and soluble fibre to feed the beneficial bacteria residing in your gut.

Supports skin function - zinc is essential for promoting healthy skin, hair and nails*.

Organic - GLOW is made with Organic ingredients that are grown without any synthetic chemical additives, herbicides or pesticides