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Cleanse Your MIND Bath Soak

Cleanse Your MIND Bath Soak

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Cleanse Your MIND by Pursoma will transform your bathroom into an at-home spa . This 30-minute soak clears your mind of the day’s fast pace and anxiety.

Botanical aromatherapy opens your senses while relaxing the body. Expect to feel radiant, refocused, and awakened with every bath. THE STAR INGREDIENT FRENCH GREY SEA SALT detoxifying + tension melting THE BOTANICAL BLEND EUCALYPTUS + MINT clarifying + balancing.

  Pursoma is a clean wellness and beauty brand that creates pure, simple ways to maintain your health, help you disconnect and create a more peaceful state of living. They provide the remedies, tools and lifestyle products to unplug, unwind and detox in order to truly live well in the modern world. Pursoma selects their premium ingredients for the highest potency and purity in the world. They sustainably source and verify their products to be safe for your body -inside and out-, non-toxic, and free of toxic-processing.

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